Development of an Innovative Catalytic Device for Marine Applications

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The CATMAR Mission

Reduction of SO2 in the shipping industry

The CATMAR solution consists of developing a method, system and device for reducing SO2 and converting it to elemental sulfur from gaseous internal combustion engine using Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) with high sulfur content.

Social Impact in National Level

The creation of job positions, two during the project and three in the next five years. 

Social Impact in International Level

The introduction of a low cost solution for the reduction of the SO2 emission in the shipping next five years.

Technological Impact in National Level

The introduction in the marine industry a novel disruption offering answer to the industry needs.

Technological Impact in International Level

A novel technology for adjustment with the IMO and European regulation with low cost.


The CATMAR project will make a growth in the Cypriot industry and in the European, taking into account that is referred to an investment with a 72% five years.


Reduction of SO2 emissions Proposed solution does not affect the environment (sea oceans) compared to the scrubber solution.

Our Objectives

The CATMAR Objectives

Efficient solution for the SO2 reduction in the marine industry.

Boosting Cypriot and European marine emission control catalyst markets.

Boosting YS catalysts company worldide growth.

Promote the creation of job positions for young researchers in Cyprus.

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